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Central Investigation is an established private investigative firm and detective agency that was establish in 1994, with its principal office in Clarksburg, West Virginia. We are licensed private detectives in West Virginia and with private investigator affiliates across the country. Investigators hired by Central Investigation have the expertise to access and acquire information on any person or issue's. We handle any case no matter where you are located and we provide the answer's for all your queries. If you are looking for a professional investigation and detective firm, you have come to the right place. Central is a licensed private detective firm which works diligently to provide a wide range of investigative services to its clients in areas such as business, family law, litigation, insurance cases, background verification, surveillance, skip tracing, and much more:

Pre-employment screening - Hiring the right candidate is very essential for any organization and its success. We help our clients with pre - employment screening to eliminate employees furnishing false details like inflated salaries, altered dates of employment, incorrect claims and false titles & responsibilities.

Insurance Investigation - Central investigates insurance fraud & false claims. We help claim adjusters, supervisors, and managers with competent, cost effective claims investigation in order to lower losses and combat fraud.

Litigation and trial preparation services - Our investigators assist in solving cases requiring asset searches, product liability investigations, plaintiff/defendant background investigation, database research and witness interviews.

Corporate Investigations - Our business investigations are focused on background screening on corporations and management, copyright infringement, trademark theft, intellectual property and investor background checks.

Surveillance - Central works to continuously meet and exceed its mission standards through tactical surveillance. State - of - the - art - equipment and mechanisms are used for every single investigation with great caution.

A host of other crucial investigations to check, Surveillance work, insurance scandals, civil and criminal checks, child custody checks and asset searches are also conducted.

Central Investigation provides specialized, precise, reliable and cost-effective investigations or pre-employment screenings. By entrusting your case with us, you enjoy the benefits of the expertise and network of one of the leading private investigations firms in the country. The president of the firm, John Barker, has been consistently providing reliable and confidential services for attorneys, insurance companies, corporations and individual for sixteen years. John and his team of skilled investigators have vast investigative expertise, business knowledge and experience of handling a wide variety of investigations to deliver all that you want.

We get you the desired proof or information legally and ethically and at competitive prices.